Success Stories

With this model, clients have a dedicated team of professionals working exclusively on their projects.

Achieving first place in the ALEXO Award in Qatar at the Arab level with Dr. Hussein Al-Hiyasat’s voice recognition and Iqraa company’s applications
Success story Success in winning first place in the world in the Kuwait International Award by getting to know Dr. Hussein Al-Hiyasat and work applications Reading Company
Jordan achieves top rankings in the “ALECSO” Award for Smart Applications.
The success story of going to America and participating and winning fourth place in the world in the World Cup for Microsoft Applications Experts worldwide
A success story of winning prizes in Jordan on Iqra applications
The success story of implementing a Qur’an with colored Tajweed reading and issuing a license for the Qur’an from the Jordanian Ministry of Endowments
The success story of implementing the Qalam Reader’s Qur’an with the Qur’an Read Colored Tajweed. Issuing a license for the Qur’an from the Jordanian Ministry of Endowments.
An electronic Qur’an with interactive recitation by several reciters that helps you browse and read the Holy Qur’an, relying on artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology.
The first and only application that enables you to test your memorization of verses of the Holy Quran using artificial intelligence technology
A success story sponsored and trained by Iqraa Company. Qualifying for the Microsoft Applications Experts World Cup in America