AI Solutions

AI plays a crucial role in cyber security by enhancing threat detection and response capabilities, and in speech-to-text technology and facial recognition, it enables accurate transcription of spoken words for various applications.

At SILVER WOLF, we recognize the importance of staying ahead of these threats and are committed to providing innovative solutions to address them. The journey starts by assessing the capabilities of your current systems and assess the connection opportunities based on it with all our managed security services.

Speech Recognition

AI-powered audio-to-text service for accurate transcription and secure documentation.



AI-powered face recognition for real-time identification, access control, and security



Face and voice recognition for fraud prevention, enhance detection capabilities.

Voice Authentication

Cutting-edge voice authentication ensures secure access and data protection.

Speech Recognition

EqraTech audio-to-text service utilizes advanced AI algorithms to convert audio content into text format accurately. This enables you to transcribe important meetings, interviews, or recorded conversations swiftly and efficiently, facilitating effective documentation and analysis of crucial information.

Securely record and store important security-related observations or vulnerabilities in textual format. Our Audio is the engine for many applications with over 1 million downloads.

Fraud Prevention

Our fraud prevention service leverages face and voice recognition technology to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. By analyzing facial features and patterns and
audio utmost precision, we can identify potential imposters and enhance your fraud detection capabilities, safeguarding your organization from financial losses and reputational damage. Main applications that companies can utilize to prevent fraud:

  • Employing fraud detection systems to identify fraudulent activities related to unauthorized actions in your business.
  • Payment fraud detection systems.
  • Subscription fraud detection and unauthorized usage of services.

Voice Authentication

We offer advanced voice authentication solutions using cutting edge algorithms to verify the identity of individuals based on their unique voice patterns. If you implement voice authentication you will strengthen your user access control, protect sensitive information, and prevent unauthorized access. Which means more security for your company and less worrying.

Facial Recognition

We provide robust face recognition solutions that leverage AI and deep learning techniques to identify individuals in real-time. By implementing face recognition technology, you can enhance access control, strengthen security in public spaces, and streamline identity verification processes. Main applications are:

  • Access control and security mainly in Secure premises to securing facilities.
  • Event access control and security where specific events happen only when the faces’ biometrics are met.