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be a leader in IT industry by providing
enhanced services, relationship and profitability.

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accelerate progress by uniting people , business
and technology

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To help organizations like yours deliver
intelligent self-service solutions so customers and clients

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We believe in treating our customers with
respect and faith


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المصحف الشامل

We are pleased to offer you the comprehensive Quran application, which contains the following characteristics:

The Holy City of the Prophet, the Tajweed Quran, and the Pakistani Calligraphy Quran.

Hear the Noble Qur’an with the voices of senior reciters.


is the award winning application for teaching Holly Quran for the
government of Saudi Arabia , this application awarded the best Arabic application form
the UNESCO in Qatar2015 and the best global application from his excellency prince of
kuwait 2016


Tasmee app is simply the first and one of its kind in offering you the ability to test your Quran Memorization (Hifz) only by Reciting (Tasmee), the system will listen to you, help you when you are stuck and warn you when you recite wrong words or verses, thanks to the bliss of Speech Recognition Technology, you no longer need your friend, brother,

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