Mr. Saleh Al Ghanim

Mr. Saleh Al Ghanim


Dr. Hussien Hyissat

Dr. Hussien Hyissat

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Moh'd Sharbati

Mr. Moh'd Sharbati

Administrative Manager

System Analysis

Eng. Farid Saleh

Eng. Farid Saleh

Quality Control Executive

Eng. Faisal Obied

Eng. Faisal Obied

Development Manager

Eng. Nour Alhuda

Eng. Nour Alhuda

Face Recognition Researcher

Eqra Tech

Based in Amman , the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Eqra Tech is a world class systems integrator leading the IT industry in the Middle East region. We have the local and international relationships and technical know- how handle any project no matter how large or complex.

Our impressive range of expertise is a result of providing a wide variety of unique, large-scale , comprehensive and unparalleled turnkey IT solutions executed with the best professional services to both the private and public sectors including : Portals, E-Government, E-Payment, Healthcare , Secure Documents , Traffic and security systems.

We have undertaken large-scale projects for a diverse and distinguished client base, including governments from the UAE and several high-profile locations. We also foster dynamic partnerships and work relationships with many of the largest and most respected companies worldwide , including : Microsoft , Nuance , Oracle , Sun , Cisco , IBM , HP , Toshiba and NEC , among many others.

Supported by our expertise and relentless dedication to providing the best products , solutions and professional services that will contribute to a well executed successful project and specialized support.

We are confident that our innovative abilities and skills will result in providing our customers with the best-in- class innovative turnkey solutions executed in the most professional manner.

Company Strategy

Purpose To be a leader in IT industry by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability. Vision To accelerate progress by uniting people , business and technology. Mission statement To help organizations like yours deliver intelligent self-service solutions so customers and clients and employees will experience exceptional services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology. Core values"

  • We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith.

  • We grow through creativity, invention and innovation.

  • We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.

Products and activities

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Official name: Eqra Tech

ID: A Jordanian company for software development

Founded: since 2011

Message: Our mission is to achieve leadership and innovation in the speech recognition field

Headquarters: Amman - Jordan Welcome to Eqra, Eqra is the first company that uses “Speech Recognition Technology” in Android, iPhone, iPad, and websites in the field of teaching the Holy Quran and Arabic language. Our applications are able to recognize your Quran recitation with near 90% accuracy. This was done by Allah’s bless, then the research of scientists and university teachers and Engineers in Eqra Tech company who worked day and night for many years to offer this unique product. We are working continuously on development. Products and activities:

  1- 'Moalm', the first app to teach Holy Quran recitation, teaches you by recognizing your voice, Free for a limited period of time, works on Android, iPhone and iPad.

  2- 'Meaning' app, offers the Quran words meanings and explanation of verses, Free always, works on Android, iPhone and iPad.

  3- 'Eqra web', the first website to teach Holy Quran recitation, teaches you by recognizing your voice, Free for a limited period of time, works on any computer.

  4- 'Teaching Arabic to Turk' app - will be published soon.

  5- 'Teaching Quran for blind people' technology.

  6- 'Search Holy Quran content by speech' technology.

  7- 'Screen reader' technology .

  8- 'Musammie' app.

  9- 'Play and Say - Arabic letters' application.

  10- 'My lectures' app - will be published soon.

  11- 'Eqra book' social network - will be activated soon.

  12- 'Fatiha - Kuwait Mushaf' application.

  13- 'Instant Translation' technology.

  14- In addition, our products are translated and we communicate with our customers in more than 29 languages.

Contact Us

Business Name

Eqra Tech L.L.C


Amman, Jordan

Wasfi At-Tall St. 101, Tabaa Center, Office 301

Phone (+962)6 554-2456

Fax (+962)6 554-2457