OpenEMIS Core Administration Training

OpenEMIS Training of Trainers Workshop
This workshop empowers future trainers with the expertise to guide officers in effectively managing the OpenEMIS platform. It delves into various aspects of platform administration, encompassing:

System Setup and Management: This training component focuses on defining school terms, configuring the education system structure, managing administrative areas, and customizing the user interface.
Data Management: Trainers gain the skills to create custom fields and forms, along with managing crucial EMIS master data, including entries for academic and non-academic institutions, student directories, and staff directories.
Security and User Management: Ensuring secure access and user management is a key element of the training program.
The workshop was led by Abdelrahim Mehyar, a project advisor from the Community Systems Foundation (CSF).

OpenEMIS Professional Users Training

The goal of this Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop is to get trainers ready to teach teachers and school managers how to use OpenEMIS modules for managing schools and school reporting into EMIS. Some of the things that are managed at the school level are the school profile, education programs, classes, subjects, students enrolling in school, transfers, promotions, and repetitions; assigning students into classes; students learning (competencies, outcomes, assessments, and marks); risk; managing teachers and non-teachers in school; textbooks; school infrastructure management; transportation and finances; and reports The training was provided by the Community Systems Foundation project advisor Abdelrahim Mehyar