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It is a comprehensive platform designed to meet all the needs of schools, administrators, and the educational process, whether financial, educational, or administrative, especially for parents of students.

Cloud computing

For the purpose of accessing the system and facilitating access to it from any location, whether from within the school or outside of it, a system has been built on cloud computing.


Moodle operates today in 75 languages, including Arabic. It is used by more than 85,000 institutions in around 210 countries, serving over 70 million students worldwide, in addition to 1.5 million teachers. It offers 8 million educational resources and courses

The components… of the platform

The Moodle platform… global for education


(Modular Object-Oriented) The abbreviation is Moodle
Environment Learning Dynamic, which is an open-source learning management system. It was first released in May 2008, and has been positively evaluated by many developers and users. Moodle began as a doctoral thesis for Australian Martin Dougiamas. Today, this system operates in 75 languages, including Arabic. It is used by over 85,000 organizations in approximately 195 countries, serving more than 70 million students worldwide, in addition to 1.5 million teachers. It offers 8 million educational materials and courses.

What are the features of the Moodle system?

Lower operating costs.

High levels of security.

It can be customized as the system is highly flexible.

The source code can be modified.

Technical support is provided by the developer community.

Many add-ons can be added to enrich the experience.

Many tools and capabilities.

Capabilities for both students and teachers


Through the system, it is possible to create a dedicated discussion forum for specific topics in the curriculum. File Upload: Moodle system allows uploading files explaining the curriculum by teachers to students. Database: A service for storing any amount of data through the system for the benefit of students and teachers in different stages.

Intelligent Student Transportation Management

Selecting the shortest routes to students’ homes based on the transportation strategy of choosing the shortest routes.

Managing transportation zones.

Sending a text message to the parent before the bus arrives.

Determining the cost of round trip or both together for each area.

Distributing students to transportation areas.

Assigning the route and bus for each student.

Detailed reports for the transportation system.

Admissions and registration

Management of student enrollment, renewal, transfer, and withdrawal processes.

Issuing registration agreements and printing invoices.

Issuing special offers for each family.

Issuing certificates and approved forms for admission and registration purposes.

Detailed and statistical reports on admission and registration processes.

Processing the acceleration of exceptional students.